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06:32 Ticket #115 (Initialisation not ANSI compliant) created by nothingmuch@…
Hi, H. Merijn Brand reported a bug against YAML::LibYAML involving a …


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09:32 Ticket #114 (Comments in the emitter) created by pistacchio@…
Hi, i think there should be a way to map comments so that they can me …


05:32 Ticket #113 (Changeset 313 dumps reduntant '...' (end of document)) created by py4fun@…
When dumping a simple document (when there is no possibility of ambiguous …


04:30 Changeset [344] by xi
Set YAML_AGE to 0 as the current interface is not really compatible with …


06:04 Changeset [343] by xi
Restored Mark implementation in C as using the Python class causes a …


17:02 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Updated the version number (diff)
17:00 WikiStart edited by xi
PyYAML 3.08 is released (diff)
16:37 PyYAML edited by xi
Released PyYAML-3.08 (diff)
15:32 Changeset [342] by xi
Merged a typo fix from the trunk.
15:23 Changeset [341] by xi
Fixed a typo in the attribute name (Thanks ingy).
15:05 Changeset [340] by xi
Merged the MSVC6 compatibility hack from the trunk.
14:55 Changeset [339] by xi
Added a MS VC 6.0 compatibility hack against Cython-generated C sources.
13:54 Changeset [338] by xi
Tagged the 3.08 release.
13:44 Changeset [337] by xi
Added directories lib/yaml and lib3/yaml to MANIFEST.in.
13:18 Changeset [336] by xi
Final touches before the release.
13:02 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Reflected Python 3 support (diff)
09:55 Changeset [335] by xi
Minor compatibility fixes.
08:30 Changeset [334] by xi
Fixed str/bytes issues with Python 3 in _yaml.pyx.


23:02 Changeset [333] by xi
Handle the encoding of input and output streams in a uniform way.
22:42 Changeset [332] by xi
'make distclean' should not remove html docs, 'make maintainer-clean' …
18:21 Changeset [331] by xi
Use Cython if available; added Python 3 support to _yaml.pyx.
14:05 Changeset [330] by xi
Share data files between Py2 and Py3 test suites.
13:13 Ticket #74 (porting yaml to python 3000) closed by xi
fixed: Thank you. Python 3 support is committed to the trunk in [328] and [329].
13:11 Changeset [329] by xi
Fixed the remaining Python 3 compatibility issues.
12:24 Changeset [328] by xi
Added basic support for Python 3 (Thanks …
03:18 Ticket #112 (error on help()) closed by xi
worksforme: help(yaml) works for me both when I install the package directly or when …
02:16 Ticket #112 (error on help()) created by donny.viszneki@…
Using Windows XP and Python 2.5.1 […]


19:16 WikiStart edited by xi
PyYAML 3.07 is released (diff)
19:14 PyYAMLDocumentation edited by xi
Updated the version of the latest release (diff)
19:11 PyYAML edited by xi
Released PyYAML-3.07 (diff)
18:43 Changeset [327] by xi
Tagged PyYAML-3.07.
18:34 Changeset [326] by xi
Added CHANGES; updated the announcement; wording fixes in setup.py.
16:42 Changeset [325] by xi
Minor 2.3 and win32 compatibility fixes; clarify the 'feature not found' …
15:46 Changeset [324] by xi
Always use lower case in error messages.
15:41 Changeset [323] by xi
Fixed an issue with ReaderError? generated by the LibYAML wrapper.
15:16 Changeset [322] by xi
Refactored the test suite; updated include and library paths in setup.cfg.
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