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PyYAML + libyyaml shouldn't need PyRex

Reported by: edemaine@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml-legacy
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In my understanding of PyRex? (which, I admit, is fairly limited), it is a tool that converts PyRex? code into C (.c, .h, etc.) and Python code. Can't this conversion be done ahead of time when assembling a distribution, so that you don't need PyRex? on the install side? (Same as running lex or yacc etc. at distribution time instead of install time.) Or is there something more subtle going on during installation that this is actually necessary?

Reducing the barrier to installation should make the "fast PyYAML solution" (PyYAML + libyaml) more widely available.

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Fixed in [275] by using setuptools for setup.py.

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