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PyYAML doesn't dump python dictionary correctly if it only contains strings, numbers and/or booleans

Reported by: freemind Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml
Severity: normal Keywords:


Here's a clear example of what's happening:

>>> mydata = {'person' : 'jesse',
...           'hobby' : 'python',
...           'employed' : True,
...           'family' : ['wife', 'toddler']}
>>> print yaml.dump(mydata)
employed: true
family: [wife, toddler]
hobby: python
person: jesse

>>> mydata = {'person' : 'jesse',
...           'hobby' : 'python',
...           'employed' : True,
...           'family' : 'wife'}
>>> print yaml.dump(mydata)
{employed: true, family: wife, hobby: python, person: jesse}

So with a list (and probably any other object) it performs as expected, but with only strings, numbers and/or booleans it doesn't output the yaml document correctly.

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