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Constructor.set_python_instance_state defect with object without __setstate__ function

Reported by: felix.antoine.fortin@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml
Severity: normal Keywords:


There is a bug in Constructor.set_python_instance_state, the last for loops of the function tries to set attribute on the object 'object' instead of the object 'instance'.

I stumbled on the bug when trying to load an object who had a getstate function but no setstate.

The patch is straightforward, just have to replace object on line 563, by instance.


pyyaml-constructor.diff Download (455 bytes) - added by felix.antoine.fortin@… 6 years ago.
Patch for Constructor.set_python_instance_state

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Changed 6 years ago by felix.antoine.fortin@…

Patch for Constructor.set_python_instance_state

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