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YAMLObject to work with any loader

Reported by: poke Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml
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I’m using SafeLoader with all my PyYAML load commands. However to be able to use custom YAMLObjects, I am required to set the custom object’s yaml_loader property to that loader as well to make it discoverable. This should work differently, so a single YAMLObject subtype is not bound to a single Loader type.

For example when loading using this line:

yaml.load( stream, Loader=yaml.SafeLoader )

I am required to define a YAMLObject like this:

class YamlTest ( YAMLObject ):
    yaml_tag = '!Test'
    yaml_loader = yaml.SafeLoader

The metaclass should store the constructor and representer references somewhere outside of the Loader and Dumper class objects so defined types work universally.

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