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Need ability to reuse and expand on defined lists and mappings.

Reported by: philip@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: libyaml
Severity: normal Keywords: anchor reference expansion


Every yaml file I've created requires some form of data reuse. YAML should support list and mapping expansions using existing anchor and reference syntax.

default_items: &default
- item one
- item two
- item three
my_items: *default
- additional item
default_items: &default
  one: two
  foo: bar
my_items: *default
  one: override

Having this ability would be valuable, and appears clean and logical in terms of the existing syntax. Submitting for consideration.


sample_expansion_syntax.yml Download (972 bytes) - added by philip@… 3 years ago.
Sample real-world use-case

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Changed 3 years ago by philip@…

Sample real-world use-case

comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by Philip Douglass <philip@…>

More research on my part uncovered a partial solution using the merge key described here:

The second example in the original post can be validly written as:

default_items: &default
  one: two
  foo: bar
  <<:  *default
  one: override

and the attached sample real-world use-case can also be validly written as:

- &default
  port:   53000
  user:   my_user
  passwd: S3kr1t
  db:     my_db
- &secondary
  <<:     *default
- <<:     *secondary
  port:   53001

However, the first example in the original post cannot be solved with the merge key, since it is only useful for mappings. Why isn't there a similar feature available for merging sequences?

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