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implicit_resolver does not work with literal block scalars, here is the test

Reported by: berlin_lev@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml
Severity: normal Keywords:


import yaml import re

s = """ good: foo bad: |


class Test(yaml.YAMLObject):

yaml_tag = '!test' pattern = re.compile(r'foo') yaml.add_implicit_resolver('!test', pattern)

def init(self, s):

self.s = s

def repr(self):

return 'Test(%s)' % self.s

@classmethod def from_yaml(cls, loader, node):

value = loader.construct_scalar(node) return cls(value)

print yaml.load(s) # emits>> {'bad': 'foo', 'good': Test(foo)}


test4.py Download (476 bytes) - added by berlin_lev@… 8 years ago.
test to reproduce the error

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Changed 8 years ago by berlin_lev@…

test to reproduce the error

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