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support for pushing data to the parser

Reported by: daveb@… Owned by: xi
Priority: normal Component: pyyaml-legacy
Severity: normal Keywords:


It would be great if there was a small extension to the libyaml api. Basically, I want to feed data to a yaml parser incrementally so i can implement a non-blocking single-threaded server. The ideal would be if i could write (effectively):

void handle_data_available (yaml_parser_t *parser,

size_t len, const uint8_t *data)


if (!yaml_parser_push_data (parser, len, data))

handle_error ();

while ((parse_rv=yaml_parser_load (parser, &document)) > 0)


handle_document (); yaml_document_free (&document);


if (parse_rv == 0)

handle_parse_error ();

else if (parse_rv == -1)

{ /* need to push more data: nothing to do */ }


In general, most of the current API would take on a third possible return-value, -1, if there is no input stream and there is not enough data to continue.

But of course, there are numerous other implementation possibilities. If this design seems ok i can probably contribute a patch.

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