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merge map doesnt work as it should ... I think

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It seems that the user defined directives are ignore when just after the merge key.

I have the following yml code

  Name: "CHIPNAME"
  RegSize: 4
  << : !include
       file_name: ymlInclude2.yml

Where include is my own directive which just reads in a file

class Include(yaml.YAMLObject):
    yaml_tag = '!include'
    def from_yaml(cls, constructor, node):
        # Convert the node to a dictionary
        attributes = constructor.construct_mapping(node)
        # Convert spaces into underlines
        if attributes.has_key('file_name'):
            common.log.info("We are reading in file: " + attributes['file_name'])
            db = loadYAMLFile(attributes['file_name'])
            # print db
            return db
            raise KeyError, "!Include directive must have an attribute file_name"

    def to_yaml(cls, representer, person):
        pass # we havent implemented this
        # Create mapping node
    def __init__(self, file_name=None):
        self.file_name = file_name

But the directive doesnt get called when I use the merge key. What I get when I run is this python structure.

      {'file_name': 'ymlInclude2.yml', 
       'Name': 'CHIPNAME', 'RegSize': 4}, 
'FormatVersion': 1}

So it seems that the directives are ignore when using the merge key.

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PyYAML works according to the spec ( http://yaml.org/type/merge.html):

...If the value associated with the key is a single mapping node, each of its key/value pairs is inserted into the current mapping...

Still I like your example. I'll ask the authors if it's possible to modify the spec to allow it.

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by simas <kerdos@…>

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